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I will help you build, manage, and enjoy your wealth.

I do this by helping you define clearly stated lifetime and financial goals that form the foundation of your comprehensive financial plan. Your unique financial plan is designed using realistic priorities and expectations.

In your customized planning process, I look at the big picture – cash flow, your earnings potential, your business, investments, minimizing risk, real estate, retirement needs, the amount of risk you’re comfortable with, and family dynamics.

Once we know what we’re working with, we’ll develop a game plan specifically designed for your unique situation, and implement strategies to execute the plan. Your plan needs to be sustainable and designed to cover your entire life. 

Having the patience to give the plan a chance to work, exercising good judgement and common sense are essential to the successful execution of your plan.  By concentrating on achieving realistic goals, being determined and persistent, adaptable to any situation, and not forgetting about executing the fundamentals, you will have positioned yourself to take advantage of good opportunities when they arise. 

Some of the strategies I use are to:

  • manage investable assets
  • create multiple streams of income
  • reduce or defer income taxes
  • charitable giving
  • tax-advantaged investments
  • manage cash flow during retirement
  • use insurance in business and estate planning
  • sell or transfer your business
  • reduce or defer estate & gift taxes
  • transfer wealth to others
  • reduce and eliminate debt
  • gift appreciated assets

Once we set your plan in motion, one thing is certain – not everything will go exactly as planned. I’ll meet with you on a regular basis to review your progress and see if your plan is still targeting and accomplishing the goals you care about. Occasionally, I'll recommend changes to your tactics that help ensure you’re taking advantage of recent changes to tax and investment law.