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Prior to opening my tax practice in 1998, I worked for the IRS for 20 years as a senior Internal Revenue Agent. Over those 20 years, I conducted thousands of audits of all kinds of businesses and professions.

IRS experience is invaluable because you learn a great deal about how to interpret and apply tax law (of course, from the government's perspective) and you learn about IRS policies and procedures. Sometimes, the knowledge of IRS policies and procedures has proven to be more important in settling a case than knowing the tax law. Equally important is the art of knowing how to work with people to resolve tax disputes to my clients' advantage.

Taxes are very important to my clients, but taxes are still just a part of their financial lives.

Over the years, I came to realize that few of my clients had a financial advisor they could rely on to help manage their financial affairs. There weren't many clients that had a financial plan or a set of goals in place for themselves or their businesses.

I began to consult with some of my clients' financial advisors with mixed results. Not being satisfied with the advice my clients were receiving from their brokers, I became licensed to provide investment and insurance advice and have been much happier with the level of coordination I have been able to provide for my clients. 

After reviewing my clients' entire financial situation, I design a financial plan that utilizes both wealth management and tax strategies. As a financial advisor at an independently managed firm, I am able to select from a wide array of financial solutions in order to more fully meet the needs of my clients.