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Tax Planning & Compliance

My goal is to recommend legal tax strategies that minimize your overall taxes for all entities and all tax jurisdictions. I have four decades of tax experience and I can prepare all tax returns required for any entity. I can also represent you or your business in an IRS or another taxing authority audit as well as collection matters. Is it important you are kept informed of significant tax laws changes such as how to comply with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). I will also do proactive tax planning when appropriate.

International Tax and Multinational Tax Expertise

I can collaborate with CPA and law firms that have extensive international tax expertise in dealing with foreign nationals working in the US, American expatriates, and multinational businesses. They, in turn, have strategic alliances with professionals with similar experience located in countries around the world.

Transfer pricing has become the most important international tax issue facing multinational businesses. These businesses increasingly cross national borders to reach new customers and/or lower their cost of doing business. It is no surprise that this great increase in cross-border transactions has resulted in an increase of transfer pricing audits by IRS and other global tax authorities.

I can collaborate with a transfer pricing and economic consulting firm that provides transfer pricing studies and valuations of intangible property. This firm is led by a Ph.D. economist with over 30 years of transfer pricing experience. The firm leads an alliance of firms with similar transfer pricing expertise that operate in 29 countries around the world.